Sunday, April 3, 2011

~ Husband n Wife ~

Wife : what would u do if i died? would u get married again?
Husband : definitely not!

Wife : why not? Dont u like being married?
Husband : of course i do!

Wife : then why wouldnt u remarry?
Husband : ok ok i'd get married again..

Wife : so would u both live in our house?
Husband : sure its a great house..

Wife : would u both live together
Husband : of course.

Wife : would u let her drive my car?
Husband probably,its almost new..

Wife : would u replace my pic with her?
Husband : that would seem like the proper thing to do..

Wife : would u give her my jewelry?
Husband : no i am sure, she would want her own

Wife : would u give her my shoes?
Husband : no her size is 7......

Wife : .....(silence) :O
Husband : *shitttt!!*

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